Solar Alliance Completes Three Solar Projects in Cooperation with Whayne Supply Company

Solar Alliance Energy Inc. is pleased to announce it has completed the installation of three solar projects in Kentucky in cooperation with Whayne Supply, a Caterpillar Dealer serving Kentucky, West Virginia South Eastern Ohio and Southern Indiana. Solar Alliance is proud to be recognized as the partner with Whayne Supply, a company that has been in the energy business in Kentucky for decades and provides a full line of diversified energy solutions.

“Whayne Supply has a long history of providing complete solutions and support to customers in the construction, transportation and power generation industries,” said Whayne Supply Power Systems Manager, Brad Zingre.  “Supply of solar equipment from Caterpillar Inc. is an integral component of renewable, environmentally conscious, power generation systems enabling customers to maximize efficiency”.

Solar Alliance and Whayne Supply worked together on the 34.5 kilowatt (“kW”) solar array in Louisville, which is installed on the roof of the Archdiocese of Louisville’s pastoral center and was made possible through the Louisville Gas and Electric Company (“LG&E”) and Kentucky Utilities Company (“KU”) Business Solar program.

"We want to be good citizens. We want to be able to address environmental challenges that all of us are aware of, in a way that we are not simply part of the problem, but actually become part of the solution," said Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz. "We know that we can be an example and a witness to other people. So any way that if they, businesses, can say if the archdioceses can do it, maybe we can do it," concluded Kurtz.

Solar Alliance and Whayne Supply also worked together on a 35.25 kW solar array installed on the roof of the Hillside Theater in Hazard, Kentucky, which included a US Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) grant, and a residential solar system also in Hazard. All three of the projects utilized Caterpillar modules and panels. Additionally, Whayne Supply and Solar Alliance are partnered on a 32kW solar array in West Virginia.

“Solar Alliance has been working closely with Whayne Supply over the last year and we are proud to continue working with them as a preferred solar partner,” said Solar Alliance Commercial VP Harvey Abouelata. “Whayne Supply has been in the business of power for over 50 years offering Caterpillar-backed warranty support across Kentucky, West Virginia and Indiana. Combining Solar Alliance’s solar expertise with Whayne Supply’s depth of experience and customer support provides a highly competitive product for commercial solar customers. We look forward to building on this relationship and making solar combined with demand management a reality for many more businesses in the future,” concluded Abouelata.

Source: Solar Alliance Energy Inc.
Date: Jun 11, 2018