Renewable Energy Investors Seek Solar Farms For High Returns

With a solid track record of seven (7) years as a developer of Utility Scale Solar Farms, Innovative Solar Systems, LLC (ISS) is one of the most trusted Solar Energy companies in the U.S.  We earn this reputation by bringing vision and innovation to each Renewable Energy Investment we structure and by understanding family offices and large investors demand unfailing performance from these type investments.  Dependable performance is what makes ISS's pipeline of Utility Scale Solar Farm project portfolios a logical fit for Renewable Energy Investors.  At ISS, we work hard to ensure each solar energy investment is a perfect solution for the Investor.  One way we achieve this goal is by tailoring the portfolio size and the entrance and exit strategy to match the individual Solar Energy Investor's appetite for growth and risk.

Our continuing success lies in our dedication to giving our financial partners the highest yield possible by developing and selling our best Solar Farm projects.  ISS does not believe in keeping those stellar projects for our own company.  Instead, we consistently put maximum effort into making sure our Renewable Energy Investment portfolios will grow our Solar Energy Partners' wealth.  The Solar Farms we offer range in size from 20MW to 200MW, and returns on these Solar Energy Investments can be 10% to 500%, dependent upon the Investor's choice of entry and exit strategies.  Custom development of investment structures is ISS's specialty.

Source: Innovative Solar Systems
Date: May 17, 2018