Solar Farm Developer Finalizing another 2GW Portfolio Deal Worth Billions to Client

Innovative Solar Systems, LLC is currently ranked as the #1 Developer of Utility Scale Solar Farms in the United States and has a revolving pipeline of 10GW's of Premier Projects they develop and sell per year. The company has expanded into all of the key states in the US and now has a solid footprint in 35 states. ISS only develops Utility Scale Solar Farm energy projects that are a minimum of 20MW (Ac) and no larger than 500MW (Ac) at this time. Innovative Solar Systems has just recently closed a 1.8GW deal involving 37 projects with VIVO Power International and have another client finalizing a deal on approximately 50 projects that will total slightly over 2GW's. ISS is also selling many smaller 300MW-500MW project carve outs and is up to the eighth custom carve out for clients at this time.

Innovative Solar has aligned itself with some of the largest financial partners in the World and only sells large blocks of project to clients (300MW or Larger) at this time. Clients are required to buy minimum blocks of at least 300MW projects or more per any given transaction as a requirement to do business w/ ISS. ISS has over two hundred (200) projects in development at any given time so by requiring clients to buy minimum portfolios of at least 10 projects at a time the company is able to maintain close and tight relationships with their investors and buyers and thus better cater to the client's needs to maximize the clients IRR's. Innovative Solar Systems provides for the needs of all of its large clients by either selling projects at early stage, shovel ready, NTP or full COD. ISS handles every aspect of solar farm development from initial site selection to full design, approvals and final construction.

Large financial institutions, investment groups, funds and family offices with Billions of Dollars to invest have come to love Innovative Solar Systems due to the fact that ISS is the ONLY large scale developer of Solar Farms in the US that can supply the magnitude and quantity of projects per year that ISS is able to supply to its clients. ISS is still forming relationships with new credit worthy clients so if you are a financial group or fund with anywhere from $500MM to Billions to invest in Solar Farm projects then please contact ISS's CFO today to better understand our process for securing large blocks of our projects. Innovative Solar Systems will have a large presence at both Intersolar in San Francisco in July and S.P.I. in Las Vegas in September so please drop by and visit our booth at both upcoming Solar Trade Shows.

Source: Innovative Solar Systems
Date: May 21, 2017