Amyris Joins Bonsucro, the Leading Sustainability Standard for Sugarcane

Amyris, Inc, a leading renewable chemicals company, announced today it has joined Bonsucro, the world's leading sugarcane sustainability standard. Amyris is the first advanced biofuels and chemicals company of its kind to join Bonsucro, paving the way for certification of Amyris's renewable products.

"Amyris is committed to delivering No Compromise renewable products that enable sustainable growth for our customers. Bonsucro has emerged as a respected certification standard for sugarcane products, and membership paves the way for assuring our growing and diverse customer base of the sustainability of our supply chain," said Joel Velasco, Amyris's Senior Vice President.

"With our certification system recognized under the European Commission's Renewable Energy Directive and the 26 Bonsucro-certified sugarcane mills in Brazil, Bonsucro certified volumes are set to grow. We welcome Amyris's leadership to broaden the scope of second-generation renewable products that could be certified under Bonsucro," said Nick Goodall, Bonsucro's Chief Executive Officer.

Activated Carbon Markets in China

Activated Carbon Markets in China

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Bonsucro is a global multi-stakeholder, non-profit initiative focused on improving the social, environmental, and economic sustainability of the production of sugarcane. The Bonsucro Production Standard is used to certify — and assures buyers, suppliers and consumers that sugarcane-derived products meet — key sustainability indicators, such as energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption. Bonsucro members can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by either procuring physical product or by purchasing through the Bonsucro Credit Trading System.

Source: Amyris
Date: Mar 12, 2013