Ballard to supply Fuel Cell Modules to Power Connecticut Bus

Ballard Power Systems has announced a supply agreement with the Center for Transportation and the Environment for a 150 kilowatt FCvelocityTM-HD6 fuel cell module to be integrated into a bus that will be deployed with CTTransit in Hartford, Connecticut. The All-American fuel cell hybrid bus is expected to be delivered in 2015.

The fuel cell hybrid bus configuration to be deployed with CTTransit was jointly developed with partners BAE Systems and ElDorado National and is currently in operation with SunLine Transit Agency in Thousand Palms, California. Additional buses with this same configuration using previously shipped Ballard FCvelocityTM-HD6 power modules are planned; 2 for SunLine Transit Agency and one for deployment in the Boston, Massachusetts area. This will bring the total number of buses in operation using this configuration to 5 by 2015.

Tommy Edwards, Contracting Officer and Technical Representative for SunLine Transit Agency commented, “In terms of performance and reliability, our experience with the All-American fuel cell bus has been excellent. We look forward to adding additional clean energy fuel cell buses to the SunLine fleet, using this standardized configuration.”

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Source: Ballard Power Systems
Date: Mar 11, 2013