Energy Department Announces New Funding to Support Biofuels from Algae

Bio - Jan 17, 2013

As part of the Energy Department's efforts to diversify the nation's energy portfolio and support America's energy entrepreneurs and innovators, the Department today announced up to $10 million to help unlock the potential of biofuels made from algae. The funding will support research projects aimed at boosting the productivity of algae cultivation systems and developing and demonstrating effective, energy-efficient, and low-cost algae harvest and processing technologies, such as centrifugation and extraction.

These research projects will help maximize yield from algae and improve production of biofuel intermediates—the product of algae cultivation and pre-processing. Increasing the yields of biofuel intermediates will help lower the cost of biofuels by decreasing capital and operating costs, while enhancing the sustainability of algal biofuels by capturing energy from every available part of the feedstock and reducing water resource requirements. At a large-scale, these technologies could help speed commercialization of domestically-produced, cost-competitive biofuels from algae. The Department encourages applicants from industry, universities, and national laboratories. A cost share of at least 20% of the total project cost is required. View the full funding opportunity announcement.

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Source : The Energy Department

Published on Global Energy World: Jan 17, 2013


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