aleo solar module passes most stringent salt spray test

Solar - May 24, 2011 Oldenburg, Prenzlau - aleo solar AG [ISIN: DE000A0JM634] today announced that its aleo S_18 module has passed the salt spray test. On 8 April 2011, aleo solar AG was granted the certificate by the Swiss certification body SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA. The salt spray test is a completely voluntary quality test.

Certification from this independent body is based on IEC 61701:1995 / DIN EN 61701:2000-8 and confirms the premium quality of aleo modules even under adverse environmental and weather conditions, such as the salt-laden air found in coastal regions. Solar modules can be damaged by salty rain or salt-laden humidity not just in coastal areas but also at inland locations. Dried salt remnants can be reactivated by rain or humidity. "The certificate shows that aleo solar AG manufactures to a high standard using premium quality components and that the production process benefits from the company's many years of experience and is continually being refined," says Dr. Jens Sabotke, CTO of aleo solar AG.

The test simulates a real-world environment and is divided into several severity levels, each with a progressively longer test duration. Modules are normally tested at severity level 5, which has a test duration of 640 hours. However, the S_18 module from aleo solar AG also passed the most stringent test (severity level 6) which lasts for 1,280 hours. The level 6 test comprises eight test cycles. During each cycle, the test module is sprayed for two hours with a five percent solution of sodium chloride at an ambient temperature of between 15oC and 35oC. The module is then stored for 22 hours at a temperature of 40oC and a relative humidity of 93 percent. This procedure is repeated four times in each successive test cycle. The accelerated laboratory corrosion test simulates the effects of salt-laden atmospheres during the entire life of the solar module.

Source : aleo solar AG

Published on Global Energy World: May 24, 2011