Novozymes Calls Release of Obama's National Bioeconomy Blueprint

Novozymes, the world leader in bioinnovation, today applauded President Obama’s National Bioeconomy Blueprint and his continued commitment toward renewable energy and a more sustainable economy, a strategy he began outlining in his 2012 State of the Union address.

“This plan is already at work building a national bioeconomy workforce. Replacing chemistry with biology – fossil fuels with biofuels – puts steel in the ground, creates jobs and powers our economy,” Adam Monroe, President of Novozymes North America, said. “We look forward to continuing our work with President Obama and ensuring America has policies in place, like the Renewable Fuels Standard, to meet that goal.”

In December, Novozymes responded to the Office of Science and Technology Policy’s call for a National Bioeconomy Blueprint, outlining a vision where everyday products are made with organic materials instead of oil, including transportation fuels made from agricultural and forestry waste and non-food energy crops. The blueprint recognizes the important role enzyme technology plays in the development of a bioeconomy.

The private sector needs a stable policy environment.  The Bioeconomy Blueprint, along with continued  robust research and development funding, a strong, fully-funded Farm Bill energy title, and the Renewable Fuel Standard provide that stability.  Novozymes believes private industry plays a critical role in the success of America’s economy. However, we also believe a strong partnership is vital to the success of any emerging industry, where the private sector provides the innovation and lion’s share of capital to develop it – and the public sector provides consistent policy support to grow it.

A new report by Novozymes and Bloomberg New Energy Finance describes how transforming agricultural residues into advanced biofuels could create eight million jobs worldwide, economic growth, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy security by 2030.

Novozymes is also nearing completion of a new enzyme manufacturing plant in Blair, Nebraska, a $200M investment in America’s future to support the growing biofuels industry. The facility has already created 400 construction jobs and will bring 100 permanent jobs when it opens in 2012; 95 full-time employees are already at work.

Source: Novozymes
Date: Apr 27, 2012