Photon Energy Expands It's Strategic Focus To Water

Photon Energy NV is pleased to announce a fundamental pivot in its strategic focus by adding water purification, remediation and treatment as a parallel business line. By establishing its subsidiary Photon Water Technology (PWT) Photon Energy’s management strongly believes in the exceptional potential of container-based water purification and treatment solutions powered primarily by solar energy. Therefore, the combination of the company’s expertise in off-grid solar installations integrating PV plants and energy storage with water management solutions will enable Photon Energy Group to provide grid-independent solutions and bring water and energy to essentially any place in the world.

In line with Photon Energy’s business model for solar PV plants, the company intends to cover the entire life cycle of water purification and remediation systems both as a turn-key supplier as well as a provider of the final product – drinking water. Thanks to available and reliable technologies to turn both saline and contaminated fresh water into drinking water, PWT offers packaging the customized water solutions into containers and thus to deploy these to any location. Finally, Photon Energy’s proprietary monitoring and control software will allow integrated real-time management and efficient operations and maintenance.

Source: Photon Energy
Date: Nov 1, 2017