Climeon receives award at ''Green Shipping Rotterdam Summit''

On the first day of ''Green Shipping Rotterdam Summit'' Climeon was, by audience election, awarded as "The most exceptional contribution to Green Shipping of the year". Approximately 300 people active in the maritime industry attended and voted. Nominated in the category were, besides Climeon, Espo, Rolls-Royce, Baltic Ports Organization and Terntank.

General News - Oct 19, 2017

“The most exceptional contribution to Green Shipping of the year” is “awarded to the company that has shown commitment to Green Shipping by investing in emissions reduction, air and water quality improvements, and other green initiatives.”*

Climeon and the Climeon Heat Power solution, converting waste heat from the vessel engines into electricity, won.

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Christopher Engman CRO/CMO, Climeon:
“This gives the maritime team at Climeon and the staff at home, a lot of extra energy in the pursuit of reducing CO2 emissions”

Carl Berglund Head of Sales Maritime at Climeon:
“We are making great progress in the Maritime sector and this is an extra golden star for us.”

Source : Climeon

Published on Global Energy World: Oct 19, 2017