Wartsila optimises operations and ensures availability of energy in the Caimancito area in Argentina

The technology group Wärtsilä has signed a ten-year operation advisory and maintenance (OA&M) agreement with Sullair Argentina S.A. for the company's Caimancito power plant enhancing the plant's reliability and availability. The tailored OA&M solution is built around risk management, predictive maintenance tools and planning.

The extensive agreement, signed in June 2017, covers Wärtsilä's digital services, which enhance the power plant's reliability. Wärtsilä experts provide advice and recommendations on site based on real-time operational data, optimising the installation's efficiency on a continuous basis. The ten-year agreement also includes scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, spare parts and comprehensive logistics support.

The Caimancito plant, located in the Jujuy province in northwest Argentina, is powered by five Wärtsilä 50SG-A gas engines. Operation of the highly efficient 92 MW power plant began in June 2017, providing much-needed energy for the Argentinian market under a power purchase agreement (PPA) between Sullair Argentina S.A. and the Argentinian power market administrator CAMMESA. The electricity produced by the plant is equivalent to the yearly consumption of approximately 120,000 Argentinian households.

"Sullair Argentina S.A. needed an experienced partner with expertise in gas-powered energy production and strong knowledge on new technology in the market. Wärtsilä proved its efficiency and technical expertise in delivering the engines in parts to the challenging area and assembling them on site. With their combination of reliable technology, data intelligence and maintenance knowhow, Wärtsilä is the best choice to support us in the daily operation and maintenance of the plant," says Luis Vago, Operations Director, Sullair Argentina S.A.

Tailored solution with focus on predictive maintenance planning

The Buenos Aires based Sullair Argentina S.A. manufactures, distributes and leases equipment for the industrial, service, oil and gas, mining, construction and power generation sectors. The company also engages in power generation for South American markets. In addition to Argentina, it has operations in Brazil. The new OA&M agreement between Sullair and Wärtsilä marks the beginning of a long-term service partnership between the two companies.

"During the construction of the Caimancito plant and the delivery of the engines, we were able to get a detailed understanding of the customer's needs. We then tailored a services solution with a focus on risk mitigation, predictive maintenance tools and planning. With our strong expertise in gas-powered installations, we can ensure reliable and efficient operations of the plant and help Sullair fulfil its energy production commitments," says Ever Ospina, Agreement Sales Manager, Wärtsilä.

Source: Wartsila
Date: Oct 19, 2017