Vivakor's JV Partner Enters Contract in Saudi Arabia

Vivakor, Inc. announced today that its JV partner, RRT, has entered into a new agreement for solid waste site remediation in Saudi Arabia.

Vivakor participates within the revenue from oily waste recycling at one of Global Environmental Management Services (GEMS) remediation sites. With 14 sites in various areas throughout Saudi Arabia, GEMS is part of a global group of companies dedicated toward preservation, protection and restoration of the environment. GEMS is a leading industrial waste management company. They provide hazardous waste-management, industrial and engineering services to the oil, petrochemical and industrial sectors throughout Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has millions of tons of historical waste and continues to generate thousands of tons of solid and liquid waste weekly. The contract with GEMS provides a gateway into one of the largest and most attractive remediation and recycling markets.

Vivakor is an asset acquisition company focused on primarily energy projects, its patented, oil extraction technology and methodology operates in a production capacity in the oil-rich sands in Utah. Vivakor procures and develops revenue producing assets across the globe. These holdings include intellectual properties that are proprietary and largely disruptive while centered principally in the natural resources sector.

Source: Vivakor, Inc.
Date: Oct 12, 2017