Statoil Testing Hywind Scotland Floating Turbines

Statoil is currently testing the five Siemens wind turbines on the 30MW Hywind Scotland Pilot Park, the worldaEUR(tm)s first commercial floating wind farm.

General News - Sep 18, 2017

The testing is being carried out prior to the floating wind farm’s full commissioning, scheduled for October.

Last week, Skandi Acergy, Subsea 7’s construction vessel, completed the cable works at the wind farm situated some 25 kilometres off the coast of Peterhead, Scotland.

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Back in August, all five Siemens 6MW turbines mounted on SPAR-type foundations were towed and installed at the site.

The floating turbines have a total height of 258 meters, with 178 metres of the structures floating above water, and the remaining 80 metres submerged underwater.

The floating wind farm is owned by Statoil (75%) and Masdar (25%).

Source : Statoil

Published on Global Energy World: Sep 18, 2017