Eaton Supplies Circuit Protection for a Large-Scale Solar Project in Nicaragua to Enhance Electrical Safety and Power Reliability

Power management company Eaton today announced a contract to provide the circuit protection for a 12-megawatt solar project in Nicaragua. Eaton circuit breakers will be used to help enhance the safety and reliability of the large-scale photovoltaic system using string inverters rated for 1,500 volts (V) direct current (DC).

Eaton is providing its molded case circuit breakers to New Jersey based Olson Motor and Control Company , which is designing and fabricating the alternating current (AC) collection panels for the project. The installation is expected to be complete in the second quarter of 2018.

“Adding to Nicaragua’s growing renewable energy portfolio, the project will help the country continue to reduce its historical dependence on imported fuel to generate power and enhance electrical power reliability,” said John Vernacchia, Americas segment manager for renewable energy at Eaton. “Eaton is a long-time leader in circuit protection solutions with an expansive portfolio of both circuit breakers and fuses that will help enhance the safety and reliability of the installation.”

Under the contract with Olson Motor and Control Company, Eaton will supply its NMZ series molded case circuit breakers , rated for the 800V AC output from the solar inverters used in the project. The output voltage was established by the string inverter manufacturer, and the circuit breakers used are rated up to 1000V DC.


Source: Eaton
Date: Sep 13, 2017