Energy technologies get a boost toward commercial use

PNNL awarded $1.5M to advance, commercialize 6 lab-developed technologies

PNNL is working with UniEnergy Technologies to develop a health monitoring system for flow batteries, such as PNNL's vanadium flow battery shown here.

DOE is awarding PNNL nearly $1.5 million to bring six technologies closer to commercial use. The projects were announced today by DOE's Office of Technology Transitions , which selected them for funding from its Technology Commercialization Fund. The technologies show great promise, but need further development to improve their potential use in commercial products or services.

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PNNL is among 12 DOE national labs receiving a total of nearly $20 million to advance 54 different lab-developed projects through today's announcement.

PNNL is using its technology licensing income to match DOE funding for most of its new projects, though two of the projects involve matching support from industrial partners. As a result, the total value of PNNL's six new projects is nearly $3 million.

Source: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Date: Sep 13, 2017