Max Boegl Wind AG combines wind and water power

A flexible water battery and the latest hybrid tower technology in focus at trade show Husum Wind

Max Bögl Wind AG is setting new benchmark standards. With hub heights of up to 178 meters, four hybrid towers, each with 3.4 megawatts (MW) capacity will set a new world record as part of a pilot project in Gaildorf from October 2017. The wind farm is combined with a pumped-storage power plant. This creates a natural energy storage facility based on water, known as the “water battery”. It acts as a short-term storage facility and helps to maintain stability of the grid. The flexible water battery and the latest hybrid tower technology for wind turbines are the focus at the Max Bögl Wind AG stand at this year’s Husum Wind, in hall 2, stand 2D11.

Water provides power

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The idea behind combining two renewable energy sources in Gaildorf is that wherever concrete foundations are installed on a mountain, they can also be developed as water reservoirs. Thanks to the water storage facility in the tower foundation, added meters of hub height are obtained, thus leading to a higher wind yield. PE pressure pipes connect these upper reservoirs with a hydroelectric power station and the corresponding lower reservoir 200 meters below in the valley. The water battery reduces the need for chemical large-scale storage facilities and offers a natural alternative. Complex approval procedures, which are required for conventional pumped-storage power plants, no longer apply, since with the water battery, no large-scale intervention in the natural environment is required.

Multimedia presentation of the method of functioning

At the Husum Wind trade fair, Max Bögl Wind AG will offer visitors the chance to experience the water battery at stand 2D11 in hall 2. Using a multi-touch panel, visitors can obtain information about the storage solution, with 3D views of Gaildorf as an example. The precise method of functioning of the water battery and the economic opportunities for electricity marketing are also clearly explained.
The company behind the project is Max Bögl Wind AG, an affiliate company of Max Bögl. The corporate group from Sengenthal near Neumarkt in Bavaria is one of the largest German companies in the construction industry. It has been active in the wind sector since 2010, and has now become the market leader in the production, supply and installation of hybrid towers with hub heights over 130 meters.

Source: Max Boegl
Date: Aug 29, 2017