TESVOLT storage system safeguards the power supply at Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan

The storage system manufacturer TESVOLT has provided a lithium-ion storage system for the first worldaEUR(tm)s fair in Central Asia. The storage system with an output of 198 kW is being used to increase self-consumption of the power generated by solar installation on the roof of the expositionaEUR(tm)s central pavilion. In addition, it provides the exposition with emergency back-up power. The TESVOLT storage system has been operating in the Kazakh capital since June 10 and will remain there after the exhibition.

Storage - Aug 29, 2017

Supplying remote areas with renewable energy
Under the motto “Future Energy: Action for Global Sustainability”, Expo 2017 focuses both on ensuring that people in developing countries have access to a reliable energy supply from renewable sources and on the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

“Securing the energy supply in developing countries is a very important topic for us here at TESVOLT. Particularly in regions that lack a well-developed power grid, storage systems can be used to maintain the energy supply, thereby improving quality of life and local economic opportunities”, explained Daniel Hannemann, Managing Director of TESVOLT.

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International storage projects
In 2016, the Wittenberg company installed the world’s largest off-grid storage system in Rwanda. The system provides the power to supply 2000 people with water. As part of a collaboration with the start-up Africa GreenTec in rural West Africa, TESVOLT uses storage containers to ensure that 250,000 people have reliable access to inexpensive solar energy.

Source : TESVOLT

Published on Global Energy World: Aug 29, 2017