Demand Energy Strengthens Energy Storage Market Leadership in New York City with 11 New Projects

Demand Energy, an Enel Group subsidiary, announced that it has been selected by New York City's distribution grid operator to build a total of 2.5 MW/10 MWh of energy storage projects that will deliver behind-the-meter benefits to C&I customers and provide support to the City's electricity grid. The storage systems, which will be installed in 11 different commercial locations across the City, will be controlled by the company's Distributed Energy Network Optimization System (DEN.OS™) intelligent software control platform. The projects are part of a program that aims to reduce electricity demand during peak hours and provide grid capacity relief as an alternative to more expensive electricity network buildouts.

"We're proud to be selected to expand the deployment of our DEN.OS-powered storage solutions, and demonstrate the value creation and demand reduction capabilities of intelligent energy storage across New York City," said Jeff Damron, VP of Sales for Demand Energy. "Our experience and expertise in developing and commissioning behind-the-meter systems in NYC for the benefit of building owners, the utility, and the city, is unequaled. We look forward to installing and operating these projects and continuing to participate in the ongoing transition of New York's power grid to a decentralized, digitized, and more resilient network."

Electric load relief is needed in New York City especially during peak summer periods to avoid over-burdening the city's power grid and preventing power interruptions and cutbacks. Programs are in place that utilize advanced technologies, such as energy storage, to reduce existing electric demand or to avoid known, expected growth in system peak demand. Demand Energy's storage-based solutions have the potential to save money, reduce emissions, and speed up the implementation of a more flexible and sustainable alternative to conventional infrastructure projects that come at a high cost.

Source: Demand Energy, Inc.
Date: Aug 23, 2017