The Bosch Innovations on Show at the IAA 2017

Bosch is working to create technological solutions for a new era in mobility: free of accidents, stress, and emissions. The supplier of technology and services will be presenting its innovations for the mobility of tomorrow at the 67th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. You can find Bosch at booth A03 in hall 8.

Automated valet parking: Driverless parking saves time and reduces stress. At the Mercedes-Benz Museum parking garage in Stuttgart, Bosch has joined forces with Daimler to make automated valet parking a reality. Using a smartphone function, drivers can now automatically park their cars in their assigned spots without having to keep an eye on the maneuver. This driverless parking is made possible by the interplay between in-vehicle technology and intelligent parking-garage infrastructure supplied by Bosch. Automated valet parking is an important milestone on the road to autonomous driving.

Over-the-air software updates: Updating software and apps online is second nature to smartphone users. Now, Bosch is doing the same for cars – with over-the-air updates. Vehicle software can be kept up to date and new features added to the car – overnight, encrypted, and protected from unauthorized access. This allows drivers to try out and then activate features such as automated valet parking, community-based parking, and lane-keeping assistants.

Electric axle (e-axle): The e-axle is a compact, cost-optimized solution for electrical powertrains in battery-electric vehicles and hybrids. In this innovation, the electric motor, power electronics, and transmission are integrated in a compact unit which directly drives the vehicle’s axle. This reduces the complexity of the electrical powertrain and, thanks to the system designed by Bosch, could potentially shorten the time taken to develop electric vehicles. There are various e-axle configurations. Its power output can be scaled between 50 and 300 kilowatts, which means the e-axle can be installed in compact cars, SUVs, and even light commercial vehicles. Its high level of efficiency is the result of two factors. First, the continuous improvement of electric motor and power electronics and, second, the reduction of the number of interfaces and components such as high-voltage cables, plugs, and cooling units. In short, the Bosch e-axle means greater range with the same battery capacity. Bosch has developed a flexible approach to e-axle manufacturing that can be implemented worldwide, thus ensuring a reliable supply everywhere.

Source: Bosch Power Tec
Date: Aug 22, 2017