GE's TM2500 mobile power plant brings 25 MW of power to Yangon in 60 days

GE announced today its TM2500 mobile power plant first delivered 25 MW of power on 25 th July for the Yangon region, 60 days from the time the order was placed. GE and its consortium partner, Golden Green Energy Co Ltd (GGE) announced the handover of the 25 MW mobile gas turbine generator set to the Yangon Regional Government at a handover ceremony today. Moving forward, the power plant will be managed and operated by Electric Power Generation Enterprises (EPGE) of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE) and the Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation (YESC).

The TM2500 will be used to provide fast power to areas hit hardest by blackouts, and other emergencies. When it is operating at full capacity, it could produce enough equivalent electricity supply to power approximately 160,000 homes.

The nationwide electricity peak load consumption today is at least 2,500 MW and the Asian Development Bank anticipates this could rise to approximately 4,500 MW by 2020 with 50% to be used in Yangon to power Myanmar’s largest industrial, commercial, and public sector districts. Fast-growing Yangon needs more electricity urgently because demand outstrips supply in the peak season, resulting in power outages throughout the city.

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This fast power project is one of the first initiatives completed by the Yangon Regional Government under the Union Parliament’s approved plan to spend 30 billion Kyat (~U.S. $22 million) from the Presidential reserve fund to boost power generation capacity in Yangon.

 “As large scale energy projects take years to develop and build, the TM2500 mobile power plant is well-suited to support Myanmar’s short and long-term national energy plans.” said Andrew Lee, Chief Country Representative, GE Myanmar. “In Yangon, where fast power is urgently needed, our complete TM2500 solution has put reliable, efficient power on the grid 60 days after the order is placed. In urgent cases, the set-up time can be reduced to days.”

The TM2500 mobile power plant - a trailer-mounted gas turbine generator and containerized balance of plant - can be relocated to other power plants during operation, and maintenance outages, or to remote areas. The TM2500 can also achieve full power approximately within 10 minutes making it ideal for providing a base-load bridge to permanent power installations or generating backup power for factories and industries.

The TM2500’s dual fuel capability can operate on liquid fuel or natural gas. The unit can also be connected to the grid, as well as provide electricity to off-grid or captive power mode to supply electricity to Special Economic Zones (SEZ) or industrial zones.

Consortium partner, Golden Green Energy’s Chief Executive Officer, U Khine Oo said, “Golden Green Energy is committed to modernizing Myanmar energy infrastructure capabilities – it is essential to support the nation’s growth goals and we look forward to working with consortium players, and GE as a technology partner, in more projects in the future,” he noted.  

With more than 200 TM2500 mobile power plants in operation globally, the TM2500 is one of the most installed and successful gas turbines in its class and based on the successful LM2500 gas turbine with more than 90 million hours of operating experience.


Source: General Electric (GE)
Date: Aug 4, 2017