GE's Tm2500 Mobile Technology to Be Used by APR Energy to Provide Fast, Reliable Power to South Australia

GE, with APR Energy, today announced its TM2500 mobile gas turbine generator sets will be used to provide new generation capacity ahead of summer in South Australia. The announcement follows an agreement between GE’s fast power alliance partner APR Energy with the South Australian Government to bring GE’s technology to the region.

The agreement includes nine GE TM2500 units – owned by APR Energy - that can provide more than 250 megawatts (MW) of power to South Australia once commissioned. The mobile and trailer-mounted TM2500 can be commissioned in days, and can ramp up to full power within minutes to support grid security during periods of high electricity demand.

“This is an important day for South Australia and GE is proud to be bringing its state-of-the-art technology to support the state. South Australia is already a world-leader in renewable energy generation and our technology will complement these efforts,” said Geoff Culbert, President and CEO of GE Australia. “GE’s TM2500 units are a power plant on wheels. They are a proven technology that will provide secure and reliable power to South Australian businesses and households.”

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The TM2500 units offer significant flexibility compared with other base-load generation options currently available. Each TM2500 unit can generate more than 30 megawatt (MW) of electricity and can be started progressively as demand increases, ensuring generation capacity can be efficiently delivered when required.

Source: General Electric (GE)
Date: Aug 1, 2017