Dais Signs Multi-Year License and Supply Agreement

Dais Analytic Corporation, a commercial nanotechnology materials business selling its industry-changing nanomaterial technology into the worldwide water, air and energy markets, announced today the Company has signed a 7 year, non-exclusive agreement with the Menred Group, Zhejiang province, China, to provide its Aqualyte moisture transfer nanomaterial for use in a newer line of Menred energy recovery ventilators (ERV) to be sold into the growing Chinese heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) market.

Energy Recovery Ventilators are used in conjunction with HVAC equipment to save capital and operating costs while improving the quality of life for the building's occupants.

The proper design of the Ventilation portion of an HVAC system has taken on a more important role as buildings are designed for maximum energy efficiency, and as a result are sealed to reduce air infiltration.

Research supported by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows the productivity and decision-making abilities of a building's occupants is influenced by proper ventilation practices.

High effectiveness ERVs, such as ConsERV™ or Menred's new line of ERVs to be built using Dais's Aqualyte nanomaterial, allow architects and engineers to design buildings with significant volumes of filtered, preconditioned supply air resulting in cost savings, lower operating and maintenance costs and key benefits to the building's occupants.

"Dais' ConsERV™ has long been a leader in this field as established by our Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) certified performance -- along with other similar ratings from 3rd party rating company's worldwide. Our Aqualyte™ nanomaterial, now in its 4th generation, drives this performance and we are excited about working with Menred to bring a new series of ERVs with Aqualyte to the growing Chinese ERV market," says Dais's Chief Technology Officer, Brian Johnson.

"Menred's brand awareness, technological expertise, manufacturing capabilities and established channels to market will find their innovative products penetrating a larger share of the China ERV market as Menred brings the benefits of Aqualyte driven ERVs to customers throughout China," added Dais's Chief Operating Officer, John Herrin.

Dais and Menred will be in a pre-commercial phase through the end of October as Menred builds up in-house ERV core manufacturing capacity with full commercialization scheduled to begin shortly thereafter.

Source: Dais Analytic Corporation
Date: Jul 31, 2017