Cunningham Energy Announces Large Oil Well Success in Clay County, WV

Cunningham Energy LLC announced a milestone 20,000 barrels of cumulative oil production on two new shallow horizontal oil wells located in Clay County, West Virginia. The two wells, King #20 & King #21H, are part of the previously announced Lions Paw Program Pad. The shallow horizontal wells were drilled to a total depth of 7000 & 6900’ respectively, making them the longest shallow oil wells to date in the State of West Virginia.

Ryan Cunningham of Cunningham Energy explains, “As a company we have been pushing the envelope further and further with more advanced well design and completion techniques with this project. Our goal is to achieve the lowest lifting costs possible utilizing new technologies available, primarily developed from the shale plays throughout North America. It has been incredible to see the advancement of horizontal drilling and completion these past few years. As prices for the commodity have come down sharply, so have our lifting costs in the field. We are of the opinion that shallow horizontal drilling has just crossed into the early innings of development and shows the potential to revitalize many forgotten areas of West Virginia, along with the cities and towns that surround them. The Lions Paw Project further proves that with the application of new technology alongside local geological knowledge we can unlock an area's full potential.”

Cunningham Energy is now finishing the last of four wells on the Lions Paw Project, and expects all wells to be online shortly. The company has also permitted four shallow horizontal Weir Sand oil wells, which are to be drilled in Kanawha County, near the town of Clendenin this year. These new Weir Sand horizontal oil wells will be the first of their type in West Virginia.

Source: Cunningham Energy LLC
Date: Jul 21, 2017