ICS Cyber Security DACH 2017 Conference

Hear from CISOs from a cross-sector of industries as to how they are tackling the issue of cyber security for their Industrial Control Systems

Cyber Security for ICS, DACH is the must attend event in the DACH region that will continue the tradition of the 3 successful ICS conferences in London, uniting both Control Systems Managers with Cyber Security Managers to continue to address the key challenges that both parties face when securing their industrial control systems.

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Register now and interact with leading ICS Security professionals from across the DACH region from a range of industries and develop your best practices and security policies.

Attendees last year:

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  • Heard from leading industrial cyber security professionals and take the opportunity to audit your own ICS security strategies
  • Gained an understanding of which tools are available to help with your fight against cyber threat actors
  • Listened to presentations from the German, Swiss and Austrian authorities and prepare your internal policy on how to comply with regulations


Why Attend

  • Hear from the regulators, and understand both their interpretation of the IT Security Act and their guidelines on how to monitor and control the quality of the cyber security solutions protecting these ICSs.
  • Benefit from a panel of speakers with a wide range of expertise, including SCADA controllers, Plant Managers and Heads of Information Security, at some of the DACH region's biggest companies, in sectors ranging from Energy to Transport to Manufacturing.
  • Further your understanding of the current solutions available in the market and how they can protect your control systems from malicious intrusions.
  • Hear an update on the developing cyber threats to ICSs, both human and technical, in the world today

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2017 Speakers Include:

  • Ulrich Flegel, Global Chief Information Security Officer, Infineon Technologies AG
  • Tobias Gebhardt, Loss Control Consultant – ICS Security, Munich Re
  • Matthias Mullhert,CISO, Hella
  • Jean-Marc Boschian, Global Chief Information Security Officer, ABB
  • Johan Schrooyen, Information Engineer, NATO C3 Representative
  • Christoph Riedmann, Senior Adviser - Digitisation, Cyber Security, Industrial Policy, Fachverband Metalltechnische Industrie
  • Olivier Hauert, Telecommunication Engineer, Project Manager, Alpiq
  • Thomas Usländer, Head of Department, Information Management and Production Control, Fraunhofer IOSB
  • Mr Lhoussain Lhassani, CISS, Sr. Specialist Asset management, Stedin
  • Christoph Moder, Senior Researcher, RiskViz Consortium
  • Jonni Talsi, Project Manager (I&C) and Chief Engineer Cyber Security, Poyry
  • Lutz Gutheil, Manager IT Security Governance and Requirements, Volkswagen
  • Blerim Sejdija, CISO, Bosal
  • Heinz Janiec, Sen. Consultant/ Sen Project Manager, Shell
  • Haya Shulman, Department Head Cybersecurity Analytics and Defences, Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology SIT
  • Luigi Rebuffi, Secretary General, ECSO

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jul 17, 2017