Sunworks to Complete 760 KW Solar Construction Project for Empire Farms in 2017

Sunworks, Inc. a leading provider of solar power solutions for agriculture, commercial, industrial (ACI), and residential markets, announced today a new project for a 760 kilowatt (KW) solar system that will be constructed at Empire Farms in Garlach, Nevada. The installation will result in an energy savings in excess of $2.5 million over the next 25-years. Empire Farms is a prominent grower of organic hay and relies heavily on sustainable cultivation methods.

Since 2015, a series of policy changes and net metering reductions led to economic uncertainty for both consumers and solar installers throughout Nevada. While many companies ceased doing business in the state, Sunworks stayed and continued its expansion efforts and working at a grassroots level to affect changes in local solar regulations. This year, The Nevada state legislature passed a number of new laws re-establishing the momentum that had made Nevada a key provider of solar power in the United States. The new policy changes include a "Solar Bill of Rights", expansion of the renewable portfolio standards for solar job growth, and a revised net metering rate structure that restores electricity production credits to 95% of the original rate.

The 706 kilowatt (KW) project will be spread across four Empire Farms sites and offset the energy cost at each of the farm's irrigation pumps. The organic hay farm anticipates savings of more than $83,000 during its first year of operation.

Sunworks Chief Executive Officer, Chuck Cargile, said, "We're excited to partner with Empire Farms to develop a sustainable energy plan that optimizes their energy savings. Our relationship with Empire Farms is just one example of our support for Nevada customers on all fronts, residential, agriculture and commercial, to establish a financially stable, long term energy outlook that benefits the state's economy as a whole."

Source: Sunworks, Inc.
Date: Jun 22, 2017