ZYTO Announces Acquisition of Solar Energy Business

ZYTO Corporation announced today that it has acquired substantially all of the assets and employees of a cutting-edge solar energy business and software company known as Kailo Energy in an all-stock transaction.

Kailo Energy has developed a solar rechargeable mobile power storage unit and is developing a complete smart home energy solution which will allow home owners to fully control the collection, storage and use of their electricity. Kailo Energy systems will allow home owners to decide from which source they collect their energy (solar, grid or any other energy source) and how they manage and use their electricity. Kailo Energy's proprietary electronics and high-tech software system will take advantage of the booming solar energy market.

Dr. Cook, founder of ZYTO and an investor in Kailo Energy, said, "This exciting new business direction will give ZYTO shareholders an increased chance at realizing an appreciation in the value of their stock. Kailo is an exciting company with an amazing product in a field experiencing stunning growth. I believe the Kailo acquisition is a great way to maximize future value for our shareholders."

Source: ZYTO Corp
Date: Jan 13, 2017