What a Plant of the Future Might Look Like

General News - Jan 13, 2017

How do you envision the production plant of the future?
Total's teams gave the question some thought and invite you to watch a video showing how they picture a petrochemical and refining plant in the future.
Digital technology, innovative processes, a circular economy and new business models are crucial to keeping the energy transition going and meeting our customers' expectations. The plant of the future effectively and efficiently recycles waste and incorporates technology that facilitates a collaborative workstyle. Digital is ubiquitous, including 3D printing, drones, sensors and big data. Yet people remain the heart and soul of the new plant. Multidisciplinary, connected people interact easily with one another and with the outside world. The plant of the future is responsible, efficient and sustainable.
Although the daily routine of this plant may seem futuristic, it's already on the drawing board.
Sit back and immerse yourself in this futuristic tour.


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Source : Total

Published on Global Energy World: Jan 13, 2017


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