Alterra Power Update Regarding Wind Project Qualification

Wind - Jan 11, 2017

Alterra Power Corp. ("Alterra") is pleased to announce that in 2016 it commenced on-site and off-site project activities intended to qualify several wind projects for USA renewable tax incentives (production tax credits, or "PTCs"), including the 200 MW Flat Top project.

The estimated generation capacity for the qualifying projects is between 1,200-1,700 MW, with intended project locations in multiple states. The group of projects consist of projects fully owned by Alterra as well as projects owned by other wind developers with whom Alterra is working toward project acquisition or partnership.

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"We've made significant progress this year stocking our pipeline with early and late-stage development projects," said John Carson, Alterra's CEO. "We intend to continue our project acquisition and greenfield development efforts in 2017."

Source : Alterra Power Corporation

Published on Global Energy World: Jan 11, 2017


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