Enhanced Oil Recovery Market Worth $25.3Bn in 2016

This new 458 page, now available on ASDReports, EOR Yearbook 2016: The Ultimate Guide To Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). Capex ($m) & Production (bpd) Forecasts For Chemical (Polymer, Surfactant, ASP, Alkali, Miscible, SP, AP), Gas (Carbon Dioxide (CO2 Injection, Nitrogen Injection, Natural Gas Injection), Thermal (Steam Injection (Steam Flood, Cyclic Steam Simulation (CSS), Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD), In-Situ Combustion, Heavy Oil Recovery) Technologies indicates that the EOR market will see $25.3bn in spending in 2016.

The lead analyst of the yearbook said: “With increasing global energy demand, ageing oil fields and a dearth of conventional oil finds, enhanced oil recovery techniques are set to play an increasingly important role in the global oil industry over the coming decade. The oil price uncertainty takes its toll on new EOR investments. However, their resilience is strengthened by the fact that EOR methods are no longer confined to a few select countries, with companies throughout the world beginning to implement projects to make the most of their existing reserves.”

The yearbook contains 330 tables, charts and graphs that add visual analysis in order to explain developing trends within the EOR market. The key player provides annual production and spending forecasts for the period 2016-2026 for the global market, as well as production, capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX) forecasts and analysis for the in-situ, heavy oil EOR, carbon dioxide (CO2) EOR, other gas and the chemical EOR submarkets. The yearbook also includes 15 country EOR forecasts from 2016-2026 for each of the submarkets with Production (Mbpd0 and Spending (CapEx, OpEx) including drivers and restraints for each national submarket - PLUS a rest of the world market comprised of 14 further countries.

You will find detailed tables of 268 operational, under-construction and prospective EOR projects, including bpd production and spending.

In addition, the yearbook contains a dedicated leading companies’ chapter including extensive profiles, rankings and market share data for the 5 leading Thermal Oil sands, 5 leading thermal heavy oil, 10 leading US CO2, and 10 leading chemical EOR companies. It also features the transcript of 3 exclusive and original interviews with GlassPoint, CO2 Solutions and Kemira.

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Source: ASDReports - Market Research
Date: Jan 4, 2017