Solar Farm Investments Announced Ranging From $30 Million to $10 Billion

Innovative Solar Systems has just announced a series of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV's) that range in size from $30MM to as large as $5 Billion US Dollars. ISS is a developer of Utility Scale Solar Farm projects here in the US and is currently partnering with Large Family Offices, Infrastructure, Pension Funds, Private Wealth Investors and other strategic financial partners to advance the growth of the company as well as to advance the rapid deployment of almost $10 Billion in New large scale Solar Farms currently in early stage development here in the US. Solar Farm Investments have quickly become mainstream in America due to the low risk nature and high rate of return capability of these types of investments.

Risk tolerant family offices, funds and private wealth investors have come to love Early Stage Solar Farm development Investments due to the 2X and 3X returns often derived from these 12-36 month SPV's. There are also huge return and investment opportunities in the Solar Farm market for those wishing to supply bridge financing monies and construction financing on these $50MM to $200MM individual Solar Farm projects throughout the United States.

Innovative Solar Systems currently has the largest pipeline of Solar Farm Projects in development here in the US (Approximately 200 projects that total over 10 Gigawatts). These projects will require investors willing to partner with as little as $30MM for quick and relatively low risk 2X returns or could also facilitate investment capital as large as $10 Billion to assist in the actual construction financing which could yield construction finance partners anywhere from 10-20% returns if projects are sold and flipped at COD.

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Source: Solar Farms LLC
Date: Jan 2, 2017