Iso Omena to Build Extensive Solar Power Plant

Shopping centre Iso Omena plans to build a large solar power system. When complete, this will be the largest solar power plant realised in a Finnish retail property. To be installed on the shopping centre’s roofs, the approximately 2,000 solar panels will produce around 460,000 kWh of solar electricity annually. This impressive capacity corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of about 230 blocks of flats.

The project will be implemented using the new solar electricity contract model. Solarigo Oy, which is acting as the partner to Iso Omena’s owner Citycon, will invest in the solar electricity plant and take care of the system’s planning, installation and operation throughout the entire contract period. Citycon will purchase the solar electricity produced by the plant owned by Solarigo, which will be used to meet Iso Omena’s energy demands. The power plant will provide renewable, Finnish, and emission-free solar electricity for up to 35 years.

“Solar electricity is an excellent fit for Iso Omena’s electricity acquisition as its production is at its greatest on sunny summer days when the need for cooling energy is most needed in the premises. The Iso Omena extension has been granted the highest possible platinum-level LEED environmental certification. This solar electricity contract is yet another indication that we are attempting to reduce our environmental load by increasing the share of green electricity in the energy we purchase,” says Sanna Yliniemi, Commercial Director at Citycon.

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“We are delighted that we can help our customer exploit solar power through Solarigo’s solar electricity contract and, at the same time, increase the production of solar electricity in Finland,” says Pekka Härkönen from Solarigo.  

Source: Citycon Oyj
Date: Oct 31, 2016