ESNA Innovation Award Winning DC Fast Charging Project Driven by Ideal Power's 30kW Battery Converter

Ideal Power Inc. a developer of innovative power conversion technologies, provided the 30kW power conversion systems for EVgo's Stationary Storage + Electric Charging (SSPEC) project at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), that was recently named Energy Storage North America's (ESNA) 2016 Innovation Award winner in the mobility project category.

The EVgo system reduces the cost of ownership for electric vehicle charging by leveraging two Ideal Power 30kW battery converters integrated by EVgrid with two 50 kWh second-life batteries from BMW. The project demonstrates a demand management solution for EVgo's network of DC Fast Chargers. This project explores how incorporating energy storage with Level 3 EV charging infrastructure can reduce the cost of developing, constructing, and operating EV charging stations to make charging accessible and affordable to all EV drivers.

"EVgo, who built the largest public electric vehicle charging network in the country, incorporated our technology into their project at UCSD and we're thrilled that it won a 2016 ESNA Innovation Award," said Dan Brdar, CEO at Ideal Power. "Facilitating EV charging directly from energy storage to minimize demand charges is just one of the many applications where our power conversion systems excel and is a targeted growth market for our products."

Source: Ideal Power
Date: Oct 13, 2016