Boviet Solar USA Shows New Solar Modules at Solar Power International That Make PERC Technology Affordable for New PV Applications

Boviet Solar USA, the North American arm of Boviet Solar Technology Co., Ltd., a global leader in the manufacture of high-quality photovoltaic technology, will be displaying its latest n-type PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Contact) solar modules at Solar Power International, Booth W701. Boviet’s new line of PERC modules will be priced to compete with conventional solar modules but will deliver double the power, making them ideal for applications such as multitenant structures, hard-to-install rooftops, and installation markets where solar systems are less popular due to a lack of predictable sunshine. Boviet Solar USA will begin shipping its new n-type PERC modules in early 2017.

“PERC solar technology has been with us for some time, but the challenge has been bringing the cost of manufacture down to make PERC modules price-competitive,” said Eric Ma, President and Managing Director of Boviet Solar USA. “Thanks to our first-class R&D capabilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing, Boviet has been able to drive down the cost of PERC modules through superior design and economies of scale. Our new line of n-type PERC solar units will be priced to compete with today’s popular PV modules, but they will deliver more power, opening new market possibilities for wholesalers and installers.”

PERC technology improves conversion efficiency by adding a dielectric passivation layer at the rear of a solar cell, helping maximize the electrical gradient across p-n junctions for a steadier flow of electrons, hence greater efficiency. The n-type cell structure delivers greater power efficiency, allowing solar integrators to deliver more photovoltaic power in a smaller footprint.

Boviet Solar USA’s PERC modules will be available in both multi-crystalline and monocrystalline versions and promise to deliver up to 660W of power. Boviet executives anticipate that the new PERC modules will be ideal for multitenant installations such as apartment and office buildings or facilities with higher energy demands. They also make solar systems more cost-effective in markets where sales are inhibited by a lack of reliable sunny days, such as the Midwest and New England.

Following the company’s acquisition by Powerway Alloy Materials Co., Boviet Technology Co. has been able to expand its Vietnamese manufacturing facility from 280MW to 600MW effective in June of this year. The new Powerway Alloy parent company also has been instrumental in providing additional capital for expansion, as well as world-class R&D and engineering resources to help design the next-generation PERC solar modules.

Source: Boviet Solar USA
Date: Sep 12, 2016