Ecova Wins TELCA 2016 Award for Best Advice

Ecova, a leading energy and sustainability firm, has received a TELCA 2016 award for providing the “Best Advice” in energy and sustainability management. The award recognises Ecova's data-driven approach to providing European businesses with insight to succeed in increasingly complex global energy markets.

Ecova cited two examples of client successes in its award submission, including work with a private sector company and an organization in the health sector. For the first company, Ecova has saved £519k (12%) against the average market price in procuring electricity and natural gas, outperforming a number of direct competitors. For the health organization, Ecova has generated total savings of £89k (10%) against the market price, while its performance against budget has yielded total savings of £240k (20.2%) in just seven months.

“Our clients are seeing this success as a direct result of our commitment to studying their needs. We subsequently build customized advice and best practice programs based on the data we collect,” said Paul Bartlett, Head of European Energy Procurement for Ecova, of the win. “It's hard work and it's brilliant to be appreciated by our clients and the broader industry.”

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Ecova was shortlisted for both “Best Advice” and “Best Energy Buyer.”

Ecova's advice to clients is benchmarked against competitor, peer group and sector averages, average and “lowest-low” market prices for particular products, budget targets, and includes key non-energy metrics. Ecova also works directly with businesses to improve energy and sustainability management. Ecova uses energy and resource consumption data to achieve insights that inform customized energy strategies.

The Energy Live Consultancy Awards (TELCA) bring together energy consultants and suppliers in the United Kingdom to recognize achievements and innovation. The award ceremony was held June 30th at the Honourable Artillery Gallery in London. Ecova was selected by two panels to win the award, the first panel consisted of energy end-users and the second was composed of industry leaders.

Source: Ecova
Date: Sep 7, 2016