Vivakor Oil Production Begins in Utah

Vivakor Inc. (OTC PINK: VIVK) announced today that it is now officially operating its proprietary oil extraction technology and producing oil in Vernal, Utah. The Company had been previously testing its distinctive oil production process from the oil sands in Eastern Utah.

Vivakor an asset acquisition company focused on Natural Resources, specifically Energy related projects across the globe, today has announced that its patent pending, oil extraction technology and methodology is now operating. Vivakor offers investors a unique opportunity to invest in a very attractive royalty program that is based on production volume and the prevailing price of oil. The Company has stated that Investors will be receiving the first of their royalty program checks in September 2016.

Vivakor, Inc. procures and develops revenue producing assets around the world. These holdings include intellectual properties that are proprietary and largely disruptive while centered principally in the natural resources sector.

The Company is primarily focused on the Energy Sector, specifically oil extraction, remediation and reclamation as well as enhanced oil recovery techniques. Unique to the Company is a rapid deployment mobile, global capability for remediation and reclamation of contaminated soil created due to oil spills. The company has successfully cleaned soil and recovered oil for some of the largest oil operators in the world.

Additionally, the Company utilizes a thermal based technology for extraction of primarily precious metals from sand based ore. Effectively capturing non-visible precious metals and rare earth minerals through a proprietary technology and method for processing ore material from one of their many claim sites.

Source: Vivakor, Inc.
Date: Aug 26, 2016