Willdan Awarded New $35.4 M Contract for Delivery of Small Business Direct Install and Industrial Sector Energy Efficiency Program

Willdan Group, Inc. today announced that it has been awarded a new three-year $35.4 million contract by a leading utility in the western United States to implement its small business direct install (SBDI) and industrial sector energy efficiency program. The program will be delivered to one of the utility’s major service areas and is expected to achieve more than 99,000,000 kWh in electric energy savings over the three-year contract period. The time and material contract has an optional two-year extension.

“Willdan was selected to implement, manage, and continuously improve the program’s performance and delivery. This includes performing a 2016 program redesign to better serve hard-to-reach small business customers. We have the people, the best practices, and the expertise in innovative outreach and enrollment to do exactly that,” explains Tom Brisbin, Willdan’s CEO. The 2016 redesign will geo-target the service area’s communities that have been historically underserved for energy efficiency offerings. “In programs nationwide we efficiently deliver our clients’ savings targets while supporting utility customers and trade allies across broad and diverse regions,” commented Brisbin. “We look forward to providing a beneficial customer experience to both the utility and its customers.”

Willdan’s services include program implementation, project engineering and analysis, and technical/program design. Tasks include, but are not limited to, program and process improvement, tariff compliance and design code and standards management, customer insights and outreach, trade ally management, customer inquiry service, energy project management and installation services, incentive processing, budget management, data management, quality control, and reporting activities.

The industrial sector offer is expected to deliver 48,800,000 kWh of electric energy savings to the service area’s customers in this sector, and will include customized and prescriptive energy audits and analysis.

The SBDI offer is expected to deliver 50,975,000 kWh of electric energy savings to the service area’s small business customers and will provide energy audit services as well as a wide selection of lighting and non-lighting retrofit measures.

Source: Willdan Group, Inc.
Date: Aug 16, 2016