GE Announces Clarke Energy Will be a Jenbacher Gas Engines Distributor for the Midwestern United States

Seeking to ensure regional customer sales and services excellence for its growing Jenbacher gas engine technology portfolio in the Midwestern United States, GE’s Distributed Power business (NYSE: GE) today announced it is establishing an agreement with Clarke Energy to serve as GE’s authorized distributor of Jenbacher gas engines in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin. This agreement will cover the entire range of Jenbacher products and genuine service parts, including Clarke Energy’s fully comprehensive maintenance contracts as standard, encompassing preventative and corrective maintenance, parts, lube oil and expert field service technicians.

The relationship comes as GE continues to rapidly expand its Jenbacher engine technology offerings in the United States. With hundreds of Jenbacher gas engines installed across the U.S., GE’s systems offer customers needing energy for their operations on or off the grid with reliable, efficient power generated by engines that can run on a wide variety of natural gas fuels, from biogas to coal-bed methane.

“As the Midwest continues to transform parts of its energy portfolio to renewable energy resources, we are pleased to work with Clarke Energy to showcase how our fuel-flexible Jenbacher solutions can be customized for a broad range of industrial and residential on-site power projects,” said Wouter-Jan van der Wurff, general manager, channel for GE’s Distributed Power business. “Energy security and supply resiliency are emerging as key drivers for a number of municipalities and cooperatives that are exploring distributed power as a means to supplement their existing power supply contracts.”

For example, there is a greater potential for commercial and industrial power generation and cogeneration opportunities in Chicago and other large urban areas that offer favorable policies.

The Midwest has been long dependent on coal for the majority of its electricity, and the region now is set to significantly ramp up its renewable energy supplies as well as alternative energy sources such as natural gas in the years ahead. With more than 1,000 highly qualified employees and a worldwide distribution network, Clarke Energy currently services a 5,000-megawatt (MW) installed base across the globe and is well-prepared to meet the Midwestern United States’ increasing need for more complementary solutions for renewables. It can either supply customers with a Jenbacher gas engine or deliver a full turnkey, integrated, multiengine power plant.

“The distributed power needs in the Midwest will continue to change and grow, and we are excited to be part of this great energy transformation in the Midwest. Clarke Energy brings its expertise to the six states in the Midwest for the engineering, installation and maintenance of GE’s Jenbacher gas engines,” said Jamie Clarke, CEO of Clarke Energy. “Our extensive application engineering resources, coupled with comprehensive maintenance agreements given as standard will enable the highest levels of convenience for our customers.”

Source: General Electric (GE)
Date: Aug 9, 2016