DONG Energy Praises Massachusetts for Strong Commitment to Offshore Wind

DONG Energy, the world leader in offshore wind development, construction and operation, praised the Massachusetts State Legislature today for adopting a comprehensive energy bill that includes a requirement that utilities contract for 1600MW of offshore wind power.

“The adoption of this legislation is a landmark moment for Massachusetts’ clean energy future and a victory for the Commonwealth’s residents and businesses,” said Thomas Brostrøm, General Manager of North America, DONG Energy Wind Power. “This bill will allow the creation of a viable offshore wind energy industry here in Massachusetts, delivering cost effective clean energy, helping the state reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

The world leader in offshore wind, DONG Energy made its first foray into North America last year by securing a lease area located in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 15 miles off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard that was designated and approved by the U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM).

Brostrøm added, “DONG Energy looks forward to the opportunity to bring clean, renewable offshore wind energy to the U.S. With this legislation, Massachusetts shows clear leadership in setting out a strong ambition for offshore wind. The offshore wind industry has the potential to create thousands of local jobs up and down the East Coast, and Massachusetts’ has positioned itself to be the leader in making the industry a reality. Additionally, this creates the right environment for competition between the developers allowing the best value for ratepayers for any offshore wind contracts awarded.”

DONG Energy is committed to delivery of a utility-scale wind farm with an installed capacity of up to 1000MW, enough to power over 500,000 Massachusetts homes. Based on DONG Energy’s experience, the company expects a project of this dimension to create an estimated 1,000 new jobs in Massachusetts during construction and approximately 100 new jobs in the state to support the operational life of the offshore wind farm.

While there are several more steps in the regulatory process before construction can begin, a dedicated commitment for offshore wind is a critical step in the process. DONG Energy’s Massachusetts project, branded as ‘Bay State Wind,’ offers the Commonwealth an opportunity to bring clean, home-grown, renewable energy to the state’s residents and businesses, while reducing carbon emissions and advancing the state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals and Renewable Portfolio Standard requirements.

Massachusetts has some of the best offshore wind conditions in the world. A third of the potential offshore wind resources in the U.S. are located on the East Coast, which has similar site conditions to successful existing DONG Energy offshore wind projects in the UK, Denmark and Germany. With world-class wind speeds and ideal water depths of between 130-165 feet, Massachusetts will be able to garner the economic benefits and supply chain development of being the first mover to site utility scale offshore wind energy on the East Coast of the United States.

Source: DONG Energy
Date: Aug 1, 2016