AG&P Introduces Virtual LNG Pipeline to Meet Demand for Cleaner, More Efficient Power

Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company, the leading infrastructure solutions provider, has announced it will be introducing a virtual LNG pipeline to bridge the capacity demands for power in Southeast Asia. The announcement was made by Albert Altura, President, AG&P, in his keynote address at the fourth annual Power and Electricity Philippines conference in Manila.

According to AG&P, the Philippines provides a unique challenge for the distribution of energy to 100 million people living across 7,000 islands. Traditional power delivery models are often too bulky to be viable to meet relatively smaller-scale energy requirements. Small-scale LNG solutions, including floating storage, regasification and power, provide power plants tailored to the archipelago, from even 5MW all the way up to traditionally-sized plants.

Said Mr. Altura, “There is considerable opportunity for LNG to become a major energy source in the region, particularly for ‘stranded’ markets that are either inaccessible or too small to be feasibly served by the current power supply model. AG&P has both the technical leadership and expertise to deliver affordable, de-centralized clean power solution across Philippines."

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“Our virtual LNG pipeline comprises a network of smaller-scale economical delivery systems including vessels, regasification terminals and smaller power plants. These customized LNG solutions accelerate construction, require less up front investment and offer faster and broader delivery. We are already seeing considerable demand for these products and anticipate this continuing in the next few years,” he added.

Source: Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company
Date: Jul 21, 2016