E-Gear and Eguana Launch Solar+Storage Home EV Charging Solution

Eguana Technologies Inc. announced today that its customer E-Gear LLC has sold the first units of an innovative new Solar+Storage Home Electric Vehicle charging product for existing Net Metering customers in Hawaii. Using Eguana's patented AC Battery and a dedicated PV array, the Electric Vehicle charging solution stores solar power in the batteries during the day to be used to charge the EV at night. An automatic transfer option allows EV charging to be completed using grid power on cloudy days.

"You would expect that with growing EV adoption on Hawaii, we would see larger grid connected solar systems being installed to cover the increased electrical consumption related to home charging," said Steve Godmere, Managing Partner at E-Gear LLC. "But the reality is that many EV owners were also early PV customers and the changes in the net metering program last year make expanding an existing PV system unattractive, so we came up with a solar charging solution that avoids adding generation capacity to the customer grid connection."

The solution is available today through certified E-Gear dealers in Hawaii in a range of sizes to support different charging requirements, and adds to the range of applications supported by Eguana's previously launched AC Battery product. Should regulations change to allow the new PV array to be grid connected in the future, the system is fully capable of grid connected operation for grid services applications.

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"E-Gear's range of products really demonstrate the flexibility of our AC Battery to be easily adapted to new market requirements without requiring a completely new product design, and this most recent addition to the lineup is drawing a lot of attention in a leading EV adoption market" said Brent Harris, Chief Technology officer at Eguana. "It also demonstrates fulfillment of the energy storage promise to change the way we think about and use energy."

Source: Eguana Technologies Inc.
Date: Jun 15, 2016