mPower Launches Portable Solar Generator for Outdoors and Blackouts, and Aims to Power Millions of Families without Electricity

mPower Solar Generator, a provider of clean and mobile electricity, today announced the launch of an Indiegogo campaign to unveil its M24 and M12 portable solar generators and a path to providing electricity to the one billion people in the world who do not have access to it. The Indiegogo campaign follows mPower’s “Buy 1—Donate 1” business model, enabling buyers to provide clean electricity to those in need around the world, with no increase in the retail price because of the donation.

In parallel with the crowdfunding campaign, the company also announced its challenge “Travel with Purpose—Help Us Light Up the World.” The focus of the challenge is to find an ambassador who will represent the mPower brand in 2017. The mPower Ambassador is a one-year, salaried position, where the representative will travel with mPower and its partner to deliver solar generators to developing countries through the “Buy 1—Donate 1” program. The company plans to deliver approximately 5,000 units in 2017.

“We are excited for the official launch of our revolutionary solar products and doing business focused on good purpose,” said Will Perego, CEO of mPower Solar Generator. “The Indiegogo campaign and ambassador search are vital in supporting our ‘Buy 1—Donate 1’ business model and our mission to provide clean solar energy on a global level. Customers can now buy the lightest and most powerful solar generator on the market to power their outdoor activities or their next blackout while, at no extra cost, helping families in need.”

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The mPower Solar Generator is all-in-one, with two solar panels, plus battery, plus inverter, to allow users to have AC and DC power anytime, anywhere. Up until now, gas generators have provided off-grid electricity, but users complain of the noise, weight, difficulty in refilling the generator and that they have a high carbon footprint. mPower Solar Generators solve these problems by utilizing sun light, solar panels and batteries to provide electricity day and night. mPower Solar Generators are the first all-in-one solution that are easy to set up, carry and use.

On the mPower Indiegogo page, customers can purchase the M24 and the M12 generators at a limited, highly discounted introductory price, or make smaller contributions to support the organization’s purpose: sustainable energy for all.

Source: mPower
Date: Apr 18, 2016