NEL ASA: Launches Next Generation Hydrogen Refuelling Station

H2 Logic A/S (H2 Logic), a subsidiary of NEL ASA (NEL), announced today the launch of H2Station® CAR-200, a hydrogen refuelling station that triples the fuelling capacity, while reducing the footprint to one third of the current generation.

“The new H2Station CAR-200 product is a result of more than three years of ongoing development of new and patented technologies. The new refuelling station has three times the capacity of earlier generation products and is significantly smaller with only one third of the footprint,” says Jacob Krogsgaard, Head of H2 Logic.

The CAR-200 builds on the operational legacy of the former CAR-100, which is used in multiple countries across Europe and has a documented high performance with close to 99 percent availability. The station is designed for lean volume manufacturing at the world’s largest factory for hydrogen refuelling stations (see OSE-filing 4 April 2016). When ramp-up and plant optimization is complete, the facility will have a name-plate production capacity of up to 300 refuelling stations per year, sufficient for refuelling 200 000 new Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles annually.

“The new CAR-200 dispenser can be located up to 50 meters away, which enables flexible integration of hydrogen alongside other fuelling products, even at very compact sites. The new refuelling station can be supplied by centralized hydrogen production delivered by truck, as well as onsite production of hydrogen, enabling NEL to deliver a complete solution to the customer,” says Krogsgaard.

Source: NEL ASA
Date: Apr 18, 2016