XsunX Continues Expansion in Solar Carport Development as Industry Forecasts Bolster

XsunX, Inc., a leading solar and energy saving technologies provider, today announced that the Company continues on its trajectory for record growth, as "U.S. solar seems poised for not just a record year but perhaps a blowout year," according to a recent article in the Washington Post.

"Affordability is key to the paradigm shift we are experiencing. Solar power has always been a revolutionary solution to meeting the demands in electric energy growth, and now we believe that we are standing at the threshold of a new age in the industry. By capitalizing on the use of state-of-the-art technologies we can now offer Americans the ability to harness solar powered energy more affordably than ever before," stated Tom Djokovich, CEO of XsunX, Inc. He concluded: "What we believe this ultimately translates into for the Company, is growth. We anticipate that based on current market conditions, it's possible that we can likewise experience relative growth in accordance with what we are seeing industry wide."

XsunX, Inc. recently announced that the Company had entered 2016 with several commercial projects under construction. As the industry continues to experience growth, the Company draws the advantageous solar carport niche into focus.

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As a result of heightening awareness and deeper cost efficiency of solar carports, the Company prepares to embark on a phase that can significantly alter the future of the Company. With costs repressed into a price range that the average property manager can find affordable, coupled with a substantial tax credit, the potential market for solar carports is anticipated to reach record levels.

The Company continues to strengthen its delivery capabilities for state-of-the-art solar carport solutions. With roof-top solar often encountering logistical limitations, solar carport systems provide the opportunity to offer customers larger, more robust project sizing, diversity in the use of existing open areas, and greater electricity savings. XsunX continues to develop its strategy to market to a broad range of customers, including school, government, and commercial organizations where it believes it can favorably compete.

Source: XsunX, Inc.
Date: Mar 15, 2016