Cabot Corporation Launches New LITX 300 Conductive Additive for Lithium-Ion Battery Applications

Cabot Corporation announces the launch of the new LITX® 300 specialty carbon performance additive for use in lithium-ion batteries for consumer electronics, electric vehicles and other energy storage applications. The LITX 300 product strengthens Cabot’s current portfolio of performance additives by offering increased conductivity at lower loadings enabling greater storage capacity. This new performance additive also delivers mechanically stronger and more flexible electrodes for good stability and extended cycle life of lithium-ion batteries. Cabot will showcase this new product at booth B-671 at Battery Japan, March 2 – 4, 2016, in Tokyo, Japan.

The lithium battery market continues to grow as applications such as mobile and consumer electronics, electric vehicles and renewable energy storage drive increased demand for higher-performing batteries. The performance and cost requirements of lithium-ion batteries are steadily increasing, and battery manufacturers continue to seek advanced and cost-effective materials to deliver increased energy density and power delivery. While conductive additives are a relatively small component of the total battery, they can have a significant impact on battery performance. As such, manufacturers are increasingly looking for advances in performance additives to enable next generation lithium-ion batteries to power electro-mobility, high-end electronics and other technology trends.

“Our new LITX 300 product is a welcome addition to our existing portfolio that includes LITX 50 and LITX 200 additives that are designed for current applications and provide a balance of properties for the battery cell makers,” said Gregg Smith, business and marketing director for Cabot Energy Materials.

“The LITX 300 additive is relatively easy to disperse and incorporate into the lithium-ion battery manufacturing process,” noted Miki Oljaca, technology director for Cabot Energy Materials. “For battery manufacturers looking to further boost their product performance, the LITX 300 additive allows increased energy density for high-end electronics and other applications that require very thick battery electrodes.”

Source: Cabot Corporation
Date: Mar 1, 2016