Envision Solar Patent Pending on Transformable EV ARC Product

Envision Solar International, Inc. the leading renewable energy, media and branding and EV charging product company, announced today that its modified EV ARC™ product, which transforms into a compact form factor for shipping and hurricane resistance is now patent pending.

The Company's EV ARC™ products are delivered to a site intact and ready to operate. Deliveries within 1500 miles of the Company's factory are generally executed with ARC Mobility™, a specialized hydraulic transportation system, which is towed behind a pickup truck. This new and patent pending innovation allows the Company to ship EV ARC™ products in a standard shipping container to any destination within the US or globally. Containerizing the EV ARC™ product will dramatically decrease shipping costs.

The transformed EV ARC™ will also present a more robust wind profile and allow it to continue to operate in winds that exceed its current 110 mph wind safety rating. The Company believes that this will be particularly important when the EV ARC™ product is being used as an emergency power source during blackouts in hurricane prone regions.

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"This is another important step in product development for our company," said Desmond Wheatley, CEO of Envision Solar. "These types of innovations separate us from the competition and make us more valuable."

The EV ARC™ product's transformation process is performed using a single hydraulic ram, which enables the unit to fold down and in upon itself. When the EV ARC™ product arrives at the customer site, the same hydraulic ram is used to deploy the array in an easy and rapid movement, which does not require any specialized equipment or trained personnel. The solar array can be lowered in advance of an impending high wind event without shutting the system down, allowing for continued solar electrical energy generation with a dramatically decreased wind profile.

Source: Envision Solar International, Inc.
Date: Feb 18, 2016