Siemens Launches New Generation of a Virtual Power Plant on the Market

Siemens' decentralized energy management system DEMS recently started running on the company's highly scalable smart-grid application platform EnergyIP. With this solution, Siemens is providing power supply companies, grid operators, and utilities with the foundation for building a new generation of a virtual power plant. With DEMS running on EnergyIP, the virtual power plant now becomes the central application for the planning, optimizing, marketing, and controlling not only of distributed power generating plants, as in the past, but also of thermal power plants.

Thanks to the combination of thermal plants with distributed renewable energy sources and flexible generators, loads, and storage systems additional marketing opportunities with fluctuating prices on the intraday market or the balancing power markets can be realized and accepted bids or calls are allocated in the most economical manner. Using intelligent load and price forecasts and improved demand-response functions permits predictions and rapid matching of the connected plants for exploiting short-term opportunities – for example, for trading, for balancing energy, or the distribution grid – by reducing the amount paid for balancing energy wherever possible in the distribution network.

DEMS makes it possible to create a new generation of virtual power plants in which distributed and thermal power plants from a few dozen to several thousand are dynamically pooled on the EnergyIP platform and used flexibly for different marketing strategies. This offers power suppliers and municipal utilities the potential to digitalize and restructure their business processes like the marketing process and offer new services, such as "Utility 4.0." The distribution network operator also has more options for integrating distributed systems – primarily renewable energy sources in this case – for example to further optimize grid stability as requirements grow increasingly complex.

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With its decentralized energy management system DEMS Siemens is providing power supply companies, grid operators, and utilities not only the foundation for building a new generation of a virtual power plant but also opens further opportunities: EnergyIP acts as a data hub and platform for smart grid applications that supports the seamless integration of all participating systems – from the smart meter infrastructure to the power utility's company-wide ERP system – and immediately converts meter data into relevant information for the utility's commercial operations and those of its customers. The platform collects and processes consumption data and combines it with information from different sectors within the utility. It then makes this information available for a large number of smart grid applications such as EnergyIP Analytics, outage management, asset optimization, load management and customer management and information systems.

Source: Siemens AG
Date: Feb 16, 2016