Envision Solar Expands to Europe

Envision Solar International, Inc. the leading renewable energy, media and branding and EV charging product company, announced today that the Company is creating a European Subsidiary called Envision UK, which will be a majority shareholder in a corporation in partnership with Aconfort SA. Headquartered in Malaga, Spain the new subsidiary, called Envision EU will fabricate parts and assemble Envision's EV ARC™ and Solar Tree® product lines for the European market.

Europe has the highest global per capita penetration of EVs in certain countries already and the growth rates exceed 45% in others. The European Union and its member countries have some of the most aggressive and stringent goals for the electrification of transportation in the world. Similarly, the EU has aggressive renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. Envision EU will provide products, which accomplish both goals in efficient, intelligent and highly scalable form factors.

The Company's recently patented EV ARC™ product allows for the rapid scalability required by the European governments to reach their ambitious goals for EV charging infrastructure. The clean and renewable energy produced by the EV ARC™ product makes it ideal for the greenhouse gas reduction required by the EU. Envision's Solar Tree® DC fast charging products are ideal for the highway corridors between the EU's major cities. Both products generate all their energy from the sun and do not require grid connections. Germany already has the highest penetration of PV per capita in the world and France, Spain and the UK have very aggressive goals for the deployment of renewables. Envision EU will sell across the entire region.

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Envision selected Aconfort as a partner in the EU, because of its demonstrable history of success in the energy management and renewable energy fields and also because of a long-standing relationship between the principals and Envision Solar management. Aconfort has secured agreements with the government of Andalucia, with BMW and others to aid in the growth of Envision EUs' business. Aconfort is also active in the Middle East.

Envision Solar consulted with US/EU legal and business experts throughout the process of selecting a partner and negotiating contracts.

"We are very excited to bring these solar powered EV charging and energy security products to Europe," said Aquilino Ornia, CEO of Aconfort and Managing Director of Envision EU. "In the EU, government and enterprise spending on EV charging and renewable energy is growing at remarkable levels and we believe that Envisions' products will be extremely successful in this market. In our new facility in Malaga, Spain EV ARC and Solar Tree components will be assembled for distribution throughout Europe. We anticipate significant growth in Europe in 2016."

"International expansion is a key component of our growth strategy as evidenced by our recently announced expansion into China," said Desmond Wheatley, CEO of Envision Solar. "Europe is an area of interest for us, because of the level of government and enterprise commitment to EVs and renewables. We have spent a great deal of time and energy developing highly exportable sustainable technology solutions. Now we are ready to take advantage of what we see as very good timing in the multi-billion dollar verticals we serve across international markets."

Envision's patented EV ARC™ and Solar Tree® products derive all their energy from renewable sources and require no grid connections. The products' solar electrical generation is enhanced by the patented EnvisionTrak™ system, which causes the array to follow the sun, generating 18 to 25% more electricity than a fixed array. The energy is stored in the ARC Technology™ energy storage for dispatching day or night. Because the EV ARC™ product requires no trenching, foundations or installation work of any kind, it is deployed in minutes and can be moved to a new location with ease. Solar Tree® products also do not require trenching and are delivered as a kit of engineered parts for rapid and easy deployment. The products are manufactured in the Company's San Diego facility by combat veterans, the disabled, minorities and other highly talented, mission-driven team members. Product components will be shipped to EU and combined with COTS components there for assembly by the Envision EU team who will be trained by their US colleagues. The Company intends to increase the scope of Envision EU's activities as sales increase in that market.

Source: Envision Solar International, Inc.
Date: Jan 21, 2016