Eni Research Brings You Eni Diesel +

Oil and Gas - Jan 15, 2016

The efforts of Eni’s research activities have led to Eni Diesel +, the new fuel with a 15% renewable component, produced from plant oils in Eni’s Venice refinery using the Ecofining™ technology.

Eni is the first company in the world to transform an oil refining plant (the Eni plant in Venice) into a biorefinery. Using the Ecofining™ technology it owns (developed in 2006 in the San Donato Milanese laboratories, in cooperation with Honeywell UOP), Eni transforms plant oils into a complete hydrocarbon product that overcomes the qualitative problems of traditional biodiesel.

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This is another great example of Eni’s focus on sustainable innovation. Starting from next Monday, 18 January, the new Eni Diesel + will be available in over 3,500 fuel stations all over Italy, for customers who want to combine the performance features of the latest-generation premium fuels with more care for the environment.

The numerous tests performed in the Eni research laboratories have shown that, compared to standard diesels comprising of 5% biodiesel, Eni Diesel + extends the life of car motors, ensures the highest power output thanks to clean injectors, improves motor performance reducing consumption by up to 4%, helps with cold starts and ensures motor noise reduction thanks to the high cetane number.

The product’s innovation impact is just as significant in environmental terms: Eni Diesel + has a more sustainable production cycle and so contributes to reducing CO2 emissions by 5% on average. Tests performed on Euro 5 vehicles in the Centro Ricerche Eni [research centre] in San Donato Milanese and the Istituto Motori del CNR [Motor Institute of the National Research Council] in Naples showed a significant reduction in polluting emissions (unburned hydrocarbons and carbon oxide reduced by up to 40 %, up to 20% less particulate matter).
To promote its use the new Eni Diesel + is available at the same price of the premium Eni Blu Diesel + previously offered in the Eni Stations.

Customers using You&Eni loyalty cards in Full-Service offeringgain an extra You&Eni point compared to standard diesel for every litre of purchased Eni Diesel +.

Source : Eni

Published on Global Energy World: Jan 15, 2016