Nevis' Thrust to Geothermal Energy

On the heels of the Paris Climate Change Conference when all the countries of the world are focused on reducing their carbon footprints, the Caribbean island of Nevis is actually taking steps to do just that. This is the key message that the Honorable Mark Brantley, Deputy Premier and Minister of Tourism for Nevis conveyed to Americans as he appeared on major US print and broadcast media during his recent visit to New York.

Nevis is poised to be "the greenest place on Earth" when its geothermal program comes online in 2017. The island is blessed with a vast resource of geothermal energy, enough that it can be 100% off fossil fuels and has energy left over to share with neighboring Caribbean islands. No other country can currently make this claim.

Minister Brantley was joined by Bruce Cutright, CEO of Thermal Energy Partners and Principal at Nevis Renewable Energy Inc. (NREI) whose company works in Nevis on the production of geothermal energy.

"We are incredibly proud of the project we've undertaken and happy to share this news with the US and the world. Geothermal energy will be transformative for Nevis, bringing it to 100 percent power generation from clean, less costly renewable energy sources," Brantley explains. "Looking ahead, we plan to export our expandable energy to neighboring islands becoming the Norway of the Caribbean."

Source: Nevis
Date: Jan 15, 2016