FTTN's Acquisition Strategy Aims to Take Advantage of Big Oil's Capital Spending Cuts

Major oil companies are drastically cutting capital spending plans in response to continued low crude prices, and that news plays right into the hands of First Titan Corp. (OTCQB:FTTN), which is ramping up its asset acquisition program.

Crude prices are at 11-year lows. As revenues and profits fall, major oil companies are borrowing heavily to preserve dividends. They’re also slashing 2016 capital spending plans for new drilling and development, and putting assets up for sale. These cuts follow an estimated $250 billion drop in spending last year.

FTTN believes these spending cuts and asset sales open a unique window of opportunity it intends to exploit.

“We have a once-in-a-generation chance to acquire valuable assets at rock-bottom prices,” said FTTN CEO Sydney Jim. “There’s no way these assets would ever be available in normal market conditions. Now is the perfect time to build an aggressive portfolio that will lead to sustainable revenues and increased shareholder value when a recovery inevitably takes place.”

One major investment group gives credence to ideas like those proposed by FTTN. Citi Research is predicting the oil market will balance in the second half of the year. And others are forecasting today’s cuts will lead to future shortages, which FTTN says will greatly boost the value of assets bought in today’s low-price environment.

FTTN is building a competitive portfolio of oil and gas properties alongside companies such as Lucas Energy, Inc. (LEI), Earthstone Energy, Inc. (ESTE), Fieldpoint Petroleum Corp. (FPP) and Evolution Petroleum Corp. (EPM).

Source: FTTN's
Date: Jan 7, 2016